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Japanese cuisine - Sushi...

For centuries, Japanese cuisine has developed and evolved. Today, every sushi lover knows that Japanese cuisine has its own qualities and virtues. It should be noted that Japanese products themselves are very useful, hence the exceptional value of any dish from a wide range of Japanese cuisine. Japanese cuisine was born a long time. Initially it was perceived as a tradition among the inhabitants of Japan. But later the whole world knew the exceptional value and taste of Japanese cuisine. Today, Japanese products are very popular.  It is important to note that Japanese cuisine is rich in mineral micronutrients due to careful treatment of Japanese products. Japanese products are very carefully selected before you begin cooking a particular dish, so the Japanese cuisine provides a good taste good food and perfect flavor.

Japanese cuisine today can offer any modern Japanese restaurant, but you can cook them and at home.
In our Japanese store is always in the presence of a large selection of products for the Japanese sushi, sashimi, rolls and other Japanese dishes at home.  Plunge into the world of Japanese culture and traditions, and you do not want to go ... 

How to make sushi at home

Recipes sushi roll are remaining basically unchanged, do not cease to be supplemented and improved, updated with new. This dish is constantly gaining more and more admirers. The reason is simple. To prepare an aesthetically attractive, appetizing and delicious sushi at home do not need to follow the contrived dogmas and strictly adhere to certain requirements. The distinctive feature of the land lies in the fact that it is enough to understand the principle of its preparation, and then be at full capacity to use their own imagination and ingenuity, inventing their own recipes and experimenting with the ingredients list of which can be limited only by your personal taste preferences, not forgetting how to cook rice for sushi.

8 Reasons to prepare sushi at home:

- Sushi - are very tasty
- Sushi - is LEAN MEAL
- Make a gift or a beloved favorite
- Surprise friends at a party
- Try Japanese cuisine is 5 times cheaper than in a restaurant
- Reduce overweight

Japanese rice - short-grained, sticky rice. Large content of gluten (gluten) allows him to keep good form.

Nori (nori) - thin sheets of dried seaweed. They have a crunchy texture, but softened by moisture in rice.

Pickled ginger or Gary - thinly sliced pickled ginger. It is served on land or on the side of the plate. (Home pickled ginger)

Rice vinegar has a sweet taste. He added to rice for flavor, and that it lasted longer.

Wasabi - sharp green Japanese horseradish paste. It is available in a tube or powder.

Futomaki (Futomaki) - large rolls, usually with five toppings.

Nigiri-zushi (Nigiri) - sushi, which clung with his hands, served on lettuce, and top them put raw fish.

Temaki (Temaki) - twisted hands kulechki nori, filled with rice with toppings of your choice.

Uramaki (Uramaki) - sushi inside - inside the nori, rice outside.

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